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Rumor starter: Charlie Weis to Tampa Bay

It’s what readers do here every day when they comment on stories. It’s why we tune into sports radio and why we watch Sportscenter with religious frequency. Gossip is fun. Some say it’s for girls, others call it juvenile and think there’s no place for it. I happen to enjoy it.

So, what do ya say we start a nice little rumor?

Charlie Weis is likely out as head coach at Notre Dame. The Irish have not announced it yet, but Weis himself said he wouldn’t be surprised if he were removed from office. So, a return to the NFL could be in his future. If so, Tampa Bay might not be a bad place for him to land.

Weis’s resume speaks for itself. In five years coordinating the offense under Bill Belichick, the Patriots went 53-27 during the regular season and 9-0 in the playoffs with three Super Bowl wins - better than the Buccaneer franchise has done in its history. He also helped groom Tom Brady into a Hall of Fame quarterback when he took over for the injured Drew Bledsoe in 2001.

At this time, please pause your reading to daydream of what Josh Freeman could become with a mentor and coach like Weis.

So, I’m beginning to wonder if Weis would be a good fit in Tampa Bay.

Raheem Morris is a defensive coach, so Weis would get full reign over the offense, something he would likely prefer if he were to return to the NFL. Twenty years older than Morris, he would bring experience to a young team and expertise to a novice offense.

Demoting Jim Bates and sending him to the booth was the first step in what will likely be a coaching staff shakeup in the offseason. While Morris’s job is safe, assistants and coordinators are all up in the air.

There’s no indication Olson in on his way out, and Weis is, for the moment, still the head coach of the Irish. And if Olson were to go, there’s no guarantee Weis would return to the NFL. If he did, there’s no talk outside of this article suggesting he’d be interested in coming to Tampa.

But that’s why they call it a rumor.