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BUCSHOTS! The Hows and Whys about your Buccaneers.

There are a few bright spots in the  Bucs offense beside the obvious potential to Josh Freeman

1)Red Zone Offense- We don't get there anywhere near often enough, but when we do, we score TDs often. How good are we? Tampa Bay has the #1 Red Zone offense in the NFL. No seriously, we are the best, check it out for yourself. We are in first place with a 75% success rate. Last year? 39% Red Zone success, as Jeff Garcia was not particularly good. How does it break down?

At home? were also No. 1 with an even higher 87% rate. On the road, we are 5th at 66.7%, and our last three attempts? 100% and, you guessed it, the Best Red Zone Offense in the NFL in week 11.

2) For the second game in a row the Bucs have scored on their opening drive. Thats almost unheard of over the last few years.

Add to that we have the best special teams in the league, and there are positives to take home.

Lets get into our Bucshots for the day...

St. Pete Times' Gary Shelton talks about the disparity between the Bucs and Saints.

Another Shelton Gem, after years of neglect, Bucs Defense is a clunker. This was great foreshadowing yesterday.

Joe Henderson talks about Freeman's rookie plays

Pewter Report talked to Jeremy Trueblood about his injury.'s coverage of the game is second to none...'s Paul Stewart also recalls the dark days of 86 and other years when watching this team.


More Bucshots later in the week...