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BUC'EM Predictions!



Read on for individual Predictions....and make yours!  Me? Im taking opposite of everyone!! Gotta pull up from the rear! Congrats to BucsFanDave for taking the lead based on winning percentage, to BucWild and UNFNole for total wins; 63, and congrats to last weeks best picker, BF Dave with 11-3 in an upset week.



BUCSFANDAVE    35-17    .673

BucWild                    63-32    .663

UNFNOLE                63-32    .663

Paul   24-16      .600

Craig T                     15-12      .555

Niko  47-48        .495



Indianapolis at Baltimore - Baltimore is the 2nd best defense the Colts have seen. The best, SF, held them to 18 points. If Baltimore can limit the points, Ray Rice (who is extremely underrated and pro-bowl worthy, imo) may have a big day against the 19th ranked Rush Defense.

Seattle at Vikings- Upset special of the week. 'Hawks will be able to limit AP, and put the game in Favres hands. I love #4, but this week he will raise some eyebrows. Guaranteed. Also, Childress play-calling has been conservative and questionable. I think bad coaching decisions will effect this game.

   Detroit at Cleveland - Yikes. Could it get any worse? Ok, it could be the Bucs Browns. If Brady Quinn were to ever have a good week, it would be against the 31st pass defense in the league. He won't though. If Kevin Smith (UCF) were to have a breakout week, it would be against the leagues 31st rush defense. He won't though. Expect lots of mistakes, but ultimately Detroit has more talent. Also, Josh Cribbs deserves to be on the pro-bowl, even though he is on a terrible team.


Pittsburgh at KC

A part of me wanted to pick KC, but then the part of me that actually makes sense took over. Steelers are too dominant and the Chiefs will be without Dewayne Bowe. Prediction: Steelers 31, Chiefs 17.

San Francisco at Green Bay

The Packers showed the still have some life in them after beating the Cowboys last week, but the 49ers are not out of the playoff picture yet either. Chalk this one up to the frozen tundra. Packers get the win at home. Prediction: Packers 21, Niners 14.

Craig T

Arizona at St. Louis Rams.  Even against a stout run defense like AZ, Steven Jackson will get his yards.  Unfortunately, he will continue to be the Rams' only weapon, while the Cardinals' plentiful supply of weapons bombs away on the overmatched Rams.  AZ 37, STL 17.

NY Jets at New England.  Boy... I wouldn't want to be the struggling Jets going into Foxboro to face 1) an angry bunch of Patriots and 2) Bill Belichick looking for revenge by hanging a half-a-hundred on Rex Ryan.  NE 34, NYJ 13.


Atlanta at NY GIANTS

Both Atlanta and the Giants have given up much to be excited about lately, but I will go with the giants here due to the injury to Micheal Turner.


It's hard to imagine the bills will be able to beat a tough Jacksonville team just a few days after they fire head coach Dick Jauron. Look for the jags to win big as they try to keep their wildcard hopes alive.


Washington at Dallas:  Last week notwithstanding, the Cowboys have played well this season.  All three of their losses came against teams with winning records (Giants, Broncos, and Packers).  The Redskins struggle on offense and the Cowboys will pressure a porous offensive line.  Cowboys pull away in the second half, 24-13.

New Orleans at Tampa Bay:  With the play of Josh Freeman, the Buccaneers are much more competitive than their record.  However, the Saints are one of the four best teams in football, with a dynamic offense.  The Buccaneers will make this close, but the Saints have too much firepower for a a very poor defense.  Raheem Morris will be spotted watching video of Ndamakong Suh and salivating in the fourth quarter.  Saints 34-21.


CINCY at Oakland - The Bengals should be able to sleep walk their way through the next 3 games, starting with Oakland, but something tells me this will be closer than we think.  The Bengals are on a high of sweeping the Ravens and Steelers this year and have a history of playing down to their opponent.  Look for Buccaneer Bruce (Gradkowski) to do some nice things with his feet, but fall short.  Bengals take this one.

CHARGERS at Denver - Should be a good game if Orton goes.  If Simms go, watch out.  He looked awful last week. The Chargers seem to have hit their stride, though it may be a few weeks too early.  Chargers, Rivers, Jackson overwhelm the Broncos


Tennessee at Houston- Monday Night Football is once again faced with a sub-.500 team on its schedule but at least this team is capable of lighting up the board a little more than Cleveland! QB Vince Young has made the most of his reinstatement into the starting lineup, but QB Matt Schaub is lighting it up with Houston, a team that will probably finish over .500 for the first time in their history. Playoff talk in Houston has returned in 2009. Houston 32 Tennessee 24