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Classic Enemy Flashback; Bucs FIRST WIN EVER- Dec 11th, 1977


Talk about a losing streak; The NFL has never seen anything else like it, not  since either. Back then the seasons were 14 games, not 16. The Bucs lost every game in 1976, and it looked like they were going to do the same thing in '77. The losses were a lot closer though. There were many 10-0 games, as the Bucs had the 13th ranked defense; respectable. But they were dead last in offense.

Look at some of the scores of games lost during 1977..

3-13, 3-9, 0-10, 0-13, 0-10, 7-16, 0-17, and the last loss in the 0-26; a 0-10 loss to the Bears. Then Came this. 3 Defensive touchdowns; and in a week or so, Hank Stram was fired as Head Coach of the Saints. Over 8,000 Bucs fans showed up at the Airport to welcome home the Bucs!

After beating the Saints on the road, the Bucs came home and beat the Cardinals, for a  two game win streak!                     This is how pitiful the offense was; In that Cardinals game, the Bucs scored their first offensive touchdown of the year at home!