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On This Day Recap- 11/2/1980- My first Bucs game; vs NY Giants

A sight I will never forget!
A sight I will never forget!

I will never forget it. Coming out of the tunnel at the old sombrero...and seeing the green grass and the Orange Uniforms for the first time! 29 years ago today, I went to my first Bucs game..and we destroyed the NY Giants. I assumed of course that every game I went to the Bucs would win. That lasted about two games!! 

The Bucs ran up 23 unanswered first half points, and Ricky Bell had his last dominating 100 yard game in his life. His muscle disease was starting to take its toll,   unknown to anyone at the time.

But the defense, and Doug Williams were equally up to task too. 

At the end of the day, it was a two game winning streak, and a 4-4-1 record for the Bucs with the World Champion Steelers coming to town next week, all of that  was On This Day!