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Without Bucs playing a snap, the pressure just turned up on Morris/Dominik.

Morris and Dominik officially now on the flame; alone.
Morris and Dominik officially now on the flame; alone.

The Quarterback is on a plane to Kansas.

The team that erred on the side of Offensive Coordinator, the team that made the mistake of battling Quarterbacks in preseason that would not be starting past week 3, is the team that has given the players 4 days off.

Not a problem, if the Bucs play the Packers like the Vikings did. Hey, Maybe that beat down Favre put on them took all their spirit out. The Bucs will extend the hospitality this week by inviting the Packers to an old fashioned battle of the Bays....Orange VS Green, with the Orange being turned down just a bit.

But the pressure on our coach just got turned up a notch.

BAM!  Rams win.

Longest losing streak? Tampa Bay Buccaneers at 11 games.

Rookie Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo by virtue of running back Steven Jacksons 149 yards rushing on 22 carries, got his first win as a Rams coach, and thus Tampa Bay has the pleasure (?) of being first in line for the first round draft pick and current owner of the NFL's longest losing streak dating back to last year. 

That means the Bucs have not won one single game since Monte Kiffin said....I will be leaving.


That will be the sound of Raheem Morris' stock as a Head Coach if his Buccaneers do not perform well next week after giving his team so much time off during the bye week. Virtually unheard of in the NFL, Morris has said the schedule was made up in advance, and were not going to change because were 0-7 or 7-0. I can get that. Its part of the 'No Excuses' you try to instill in your troops. I tend to agree with it. But that would all be peachy if the Bucs were 3-4 or even 2-5. Instead, winless, Tampa Bay and Coach Morris really now need to walk on eggshells a little as a wrong step could duplicate something up until last year was deemed simply impossible in the modern era. An 0-16 season by an NFL team. The Bucs would join the Detroit LIons as a team that has done it, only for the Bucs, it would be twice in a lifetime (0-14 in 1976, 0-26  from '76-'77). 

Another team leaving the realm of the winless are the Tennessee Titans who also went with their future Franchise QB, Vince Young, and got their first win, thus leaving Tampa Bay as the league's only winless team, and the current leader in the 1st round draft pick sweepstakes.

Adding insult to injury, the Carolina Panthers, the ones to push the Bucs down into the Cellar in the first place with the first loss of this streak in game 12 of last year, pushed us further down, now 3 games in last place; pretty much shutting the lights off too.