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How the NFL is stacking up so far, Streaks & More

I think the majority of Bucs fans besides myself got it right; The Bucs would stink this year. Which really doesnt explain the up in arms behavior if everyone knew it was going to happen...but other than this one blogger who has Pewter, Red, and Orange tinted sunglasses, the majority got it right when it came to the Bucs. On the otherhand, I did predict the Redskins and Seahawks would completely stink up the joint. I also predicted the end of the Colts, but that was before I found out OC Moore was coming back. Still, the Colts are as far from the 8-8 prediction as our Bucs are.

STREAKS; The Atlanta Falcons have NEVER put together back to back winning seasons in their History. In the early part of the season, that looked smashable, but now Atlanta is sitting at  5-4 with two games to play against the Bucs. 

Another crazy streak had to be slightly altered last year, but since its inception in 2002, the Celler Dweller of the NFC South has turned around the next year and made the playoffs (It used to be 'won the division' until Atlanta made the wild card last year instead of winning the division, after finishing deal last in 2007). 

Of course this bodes well for Bucs fans as we are dead last and would be expected to make the playoffs next year if the streak continues. Superstitious or not, there is no denying the streak which now is 7 years old and going strong. Before you offer up the 'last place schedule' explanation you either just came up with or heard on the radio or TV, understand those 'Last Place' games consist of.......2.  Thats right, the Bucs will get two games next year against the last place teams of the NFC North(Detroit?) and East (Washington?) that will be added to playing the NFC West (weak) and AFC North (not so weak) divisions next year.  Stay Tuned....

CINDERELLA & her counterpart: Each year the 'Experts come out with their prediction sheets that look remarkably similar to  the last years final standings!!!  Only a few will pick a Cinderella team or her counterpart, the beauty team that comes down to earth. I thought that team would be the Colts, but it turns out so far, the Tennessee Titans are the biggest sinking, stinking surprise. They lost as many games as they did all last season in the first month this year. In a close second, its a cross between the NY Giants and the Carolina Panthers; Two teams that have been in the playoffs over the last few years, but are not playing dominant football. Carolina however is starting to hit stride, while the Giants looked normal to start out the year, but have looked very pedestrian of late.

As for the magic slipper-wearer, New Orleans may be on the list of some, but it should be someone who has been on the bottom for some time, as that goes to the Cincinnati Bengals who have been very poor for years since their 2005 special season. But this year? They are sweeping their division, including a completed sweep over the Steelers. Then there is the Minnesota Vikings, but they really shouldnt have surprised anyone once they picked up Brett Favre

& More---Teams that are hard to read:

Miami- First few weeks looked like 1-15 was coming back---since then they have swept the Jets and are playing OK ball with new QB Henne.

Baltimore Ravens- Looked like they were taking off into a dominant team at the start, but since then, very average. Same with the NY Jets.

Houston Texans- Nothing says 8-8 like the Texans, always going, or coming as close to .500 as you can get. But now, this might be the year that Houston puts a playoff season together. 

Denver Broncos- Just a few weeks ago, we were saying when will they lose again. Now were saying the opposite. This team can go 7-9 or 12-4.

Dallas Cowboys-and Philadelphia Eagles- Each week, you never know which team is going to show up. In the Meantime, the Giants are unable to take advantage because they are tailspinning. 

Arizona Cardinals- Probably everyone expected last year to be proven a fluke, and it started out being so. But then out of nowhere, they started winning, and winning, and winning. They are 4-1 in the last  5 games and in a weak division where only the 49ers can fight them.

NOWHERE TO RUN- Last year the Raiders won a couple games and gave their fans some hope. This year, there is real hope for a lot of teams with losing records, but a few really have nothing to go on. 

Cleveland Browns- They have two quarterbacks, and thus have none. They have scored 78 points this season. No really, 78 Points in 9 games. Not even 10 points a game. 

Washington Redskins- The coach is a lame duck, and the owner has a lot of money to spend but a  salary cap. However if its true and there is no limit next year, Snyder may try to buy a winning team. He is going to need to, because he doesnt have much on the roster now.

St. Louis Rams- They have given up 250 points already just past the halfway point of the season, which could turn into a 500 point  season; on the wrong side though!

Tampa Bay- They have found the Quarterback of the future, and a long distance kicker. The Bucs get to pick 3 of the best 50 college players in the draft, maybe higher if the Bears continue to sink,  and have multiple picks in other rounds as well.