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Buc'em Predictions NFL week 10


Standings      W/L/T        Perc%

Paul 18-8 .692

BucWild 56-25 .691

BF Dave 24-14 .667

UNFNOLE 54-27 .662

Niko 41-40 .506

Craig T 6-7 .462



Detroit at Minnesota

Minnesota comes off the bye week looking dominant.  Brett Favre has opened up their passing game, Adrian Peterson powers a great rushing attack, and Percy Harvin offers a dynamic returner and receiver.  Detroit is improving, but can't close out games.  Matthew Stafford is returning from a knee injury and Detroit's defense is terrible.  Vikings roll 38-13.

Denver at Washington

Denvers fell back to earth the past two weeks.  Teams are learning that Kyle Orton can't throw the ball down the field, and the Denver running attack has floundered.  Washington struggles on offense, but a decent defense keeps them in this game.  Washington 16-13.


Atlanta at Carolina - No brainer. Atlanta will gash Carolina on the ground, control TOP and come away with an easy win.

Tampa Bay at Miami - Ugh. I kind of dread picking this one. I don't want to be the homer, but I am also really down on Miami. Ronnie Brown, while failing in the WildCat is still a top 10 RB. Top 7 in most cases. Expect a weird game. By that I mean, defensive scores, big ST plays and flukes. I have a good feeling about it, but I honestly am stumped as to what to pick. A Shot in the dark would be TB 23 Flippers 20.

Craig T

Jacksonville at New York Jets-  Tough one to call.  Jacksonville is hot one minute, cold the next.  The Jets have lost key games and Sanchez has disappeared for stretches on end.  I'll take Revis and the Jets' secondary to make the Jags' offense one-dimensional and Thomas Jones and Shonn Green to control the time of possession and wear down the Jaguar D in the 2nd half in a physical game that will go the Jets' way. Jets 24, Jaguars 20.

New Orleans at St. Louis Rams- In what should be the laugher of the day, Brees should have all day to find his weapons early and often, and the Saints' corners can single cover the Rams' inadequate WRs as the front 7 makes life tough on Steven Jackson.  Saints 37, Rams 16.

Buffalo at Tennessee- This is not only a case of which Buffalo team will show up, but which Tennessee team will show up too!

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh- This looks to be a good one, as the Bengals and Steelers have it all on the line here, division, playoffs, name it.

Paul Mueller

Kansas City at Oakland - In a battle of two abysmal offenses, the edge goes to Oakland for two reasons. First, they have arguable one of the best cover corners in the game in Nnamdi Asomugha. Statistically, he has zero pass defenses this season - because nobody throws in his direction. Second, Kansas City is just that bad, ranked 30th i the league on both offense and defense. Prediction: Raiders 17, Chiefs 9.

Dallas at Green Bay - These are two teams going in opposite directions. The Packers have lost two straight and have demonstrated an inability to put teams away in the second half. The Cowboys, however, are winners of four straight and, given the struggles of division opponents in recent weeks, seem to have the inside track at winning the division. Prediction: Cowboys 35, Packers 24.


Seattle at CARDINALS- The Cardinals are hot, and Seattle is just...well, not. Even at home the Seahawks are beatable, on the road, the Cardinals should be able to win by three scores.

Philadelphia at CHARGERS- Dallas took a bit out of Phily's thunder lately last week, but I expect the Eagles to bounce back with a vengance. They are the one east coast team that CAN play well enough on the west coast. I expect Philip Rivers and Co. to put up a big fight though.



New England at COLTS (Sun night).  Really looking forward to this game.  Two elite QB's, two teams that are always at the top of the league.  Could be a preview of the AFC Title game.  I think the Colts get it done at home, but not by much.  If the Pats pressure Manning, they win.  Indy is pretty one dimensional (but its one heck of a dimension)

RAVENS at Cleveland (Mon.) - I feel bad for Browns fans.  I didnt even give this a thought even though its Monday night at home.  The Ravens offense will be too much and the Browns are just bad.  Brady Quinn gets the honor of having Ngata, Ray Ray and crew all over him.