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Enemy Flashback Videos - Miami vs Tampa Bay in the 2000s

Its been a decade of changes. The Dolphins try to find Marino's successor, the Bucs won a Superbowl, something Miami fans know all about. Rather than go on with words, how about some video footage to show how it all went down this past decade.

Here is Michael Pittman's great escape from 2005.

More Videos after the Jump...


This was end of the year in 2000, and the win kept the Bucs in the playoff race, which made the next game, a MNF classic vs the Rams, even more important!

No its not between 2000- and today, but 1997 was part of the turn around for Tony Dungy, so we're including it. This was game 4, and the whole country saw Pewter Power. 

Another great clip from that 1997 game, this one Mike Alstott's TD run.


Don't miss the classic Enemy Flashback which has clips from 1991, 1988, and the newest footage released of the MNF game in 1982. This footage just came in this past week, and is remarkable as to how good the quality is.