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Buc'Em Weekly Caption Contest

Here we go again Bucs' fans. Thank you to all that participated in the first edition of this contest last week. We had lots of funny captions to choose from, with RuudAwakening winning by quite a large margin after all was said and done. Don't be discouraged if you didn't win. Keep trying! Once again, the prize will be the Bucs' game of the winner's choice on DVD, which will be provided by Niko.

Please enter your caption into the comments section below. If you think a caption is funny, simply "Rec" it by clicking on "actions". The top five most Rec'd comments will go to the 2nd round for poll voting on Monday. Remember, it's perfectly fine to enter more than one caption, or Rec more than one entry.

All captions must fall within the Buc'Em community guidelines. Again, we want you be funny, but not offensive. If you have a question on whether or not your caption is acceptable, please email myself or Niko and we will let you know.

Good luck!