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Congratulations Lee Roy Selmon!

No other player ever has, nor ever will, wear number 63 for the Bucs. Thats because he was the first player ever chosen by the Bucs so hes the first to wear 63 and the last! Not even MIke Alstott has his number officially retired. That ceremony was just for his retirement, and the presentation of his jersey. However, the Glazers may be up to something in the future, as no one has worn 99, 47, 55 or 40 since those Bucs that made the numbers famous did. Come to think of it, number 42, worn by Ricky Bell, was only briefly taken in the late 80s. It hasnt been used in some time.

Lee Roy was joined on the field Sunday as he was on the field in 1977 by his brother Dewey Selmon who wore 61 first then 58 later. Dewey Selmon played linebacker on the '79 NFC Central Division Championship team with Lee Roy, and was quite emotional pregame on the field. Now we can turn to some of the other members of the Bucs who would look good up there next to him.

At any rate, there was no debating who belonged in first, and just in case there are doubters....he is a brief case made for Lee Roy by video.