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ENTER The Bucs Final Record Prediction Contest! Only 2 more days!!

The Prize? One  authentic Bucs Patriots program from Wembley Stadium. This is the real deal...via the country on the other side of the pond, this is the program from our last home game! It's truly brilliant with stunning high gloss print, and is no doubt already a collectors item.

All you have to do is simply come up with the best prediction of what the Bucs will do from now until the end of the season, as in Number of wins, where they will draft, and if they win the last game at home over the Falcons.

Read on how to win...

So you need to guess the Bucs final record at the end of the season. They are 1-7 right now, what pick the Bucs will be given in round one,  (This is not where they will end up picking but what spot they will be assigned due to records; in other words if they are 5th, and trade down and you picked 10th, that wont change anything. Its the 5th), then tell us if you think the Bucs will win the  last game of the Season, January 3rd, Atlanta at Tampa Bay.

When you Pick the Bucs record make sure its the Total record. Not just that you think they will go 3-6 rest of the way, but 4-12 total and what spot they will end up with in the draft.

Lastly, Will the Bucs Win or Lose their last game of the year Home game vs Falcons of Atlanta? Choose Win or Loss. 

If you do any of the steps wrong, if it comes down to that tiebreaker, your out !

So all together, a prediction on the season (9-7),  What pick in the draft the Bucs will get (32nd) , and will they win the last game of the year home vs Atlanta ( WIN)

9-7,  32nd Pick, Win

Thats how it should look. Please Submit your entry by 12:01 Sunday Afternoon by putting a comment in this Post.

ALL Bucem Personnel except myself ARE eligible since this is not a contest we have to choose the winner.

Dont worry if you see someone else has your same prediction. If it comes down to a tie, I will sort it out then.



Program will be mailed out after the winner is announced.