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Weekly Caption Contest... Round Deux

So, some of the people that participated in the weekly caption contest last week had requested that we do a second round of voting. I'm not sure it's really necessary but I figured we could give it a shot and see which way we like better. Please vote in the poll below which caption you think is the most funny. Finalists all had two or more Rec's and cannot be a member of the Bucem staff. Also, we had a lot of people enter but not many "Rec"ing comments. Next week please don't be afraid to Rec multiple captions so that we can get these numbers up and make this really interesting. Winner of this poll will be announced tomorrow, and next week's caption will go up Thursday afternoon.

Honorable Mentions:

"Mmmmmmmmmm, Doughnuts....." By Craig T

"A new technology that allows us a view inside the helmet during game day where we can see all of Josh's Peyton-like thoughts" By LOL@MyLackOfSportsKnowledge

"I thought Asante Samuel was on our team" By UNFNOLE

"Hey coach, what do all these X's and O's stand for?" By Buc Wild