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Throwback lesson: Accountability comes in many different colors

They were told they had to wear something a little different than what they were used to this week. The players probably had different reactions when they first heard the news, that they would not be able to show up in their regular work outfits. No, this time, they would have to make a little change.

And no, for the first time in a month, I'm actually NOT talking about throwback uniforms or Bucco Bruce. As a new rule, Head Coach Raheem Morris enacted a dress code among his players. Proper attire only. 

When asked during his press conference to explain why, he simply hinted that these are little punishments, and that they are not to be read into too deep. 

Its hard not too Raheem. Especially when the reading ends up with the good guys winning, the bad guys going home without their little cheese hats, and some guy at quarterback thats going to have us forgetting all about the dozen or so quarterbacks that have started in this decade. But Morris took away music during workouts, and then the right to wear whatever they want to on their way to the stadium. He hints these things can be brought back once players buy into the system...or meet his requirements. In other words, it sounds like Raheem has a little more control over this team than some are giving credit for.

We've been a microwaved society for many years now, but it seems these days even that is not fast enough. We are now a broadband, 'give it to me now or I don't want it' culture that demands results without waiting through the questions.

Could Geno Hayes play? We didn't know, and fans wished Derrick Brooks was still on this team.  Same fan has no answer to what would be done next season.

People on this very site had put a label on Josh Freeman and based it only on two things 2) What he did at Kansas State for the 10% who watched K State football, or 1) Because they listened to someone else who said so. Now we see that Josh Freeman does come as delivered...that is, a Quarterback with Franchise Potential. A QB who has a CHANCE to be a Marino, an Elway...right here in Tampa Bay.

He already has 4th quarter comeback number 1 on his resume, and the season just got fun to watch we watch this probable Offensive leader take over a team and guide wherever players like him take teams.

We have no idea where Raheem, Josh, Jim Bates and Co. are taking this team, but maybe now the journey will be a little more fun so the 'doom and gloom' personnel can give it a break for a week or  two; and give Mark Dominik a chance too. In a deep draft, the Bucs have stocked themselves up for the future.

Like Shannon Sharpe once told the New England fans mockingly as he had a phone in his hands up to his ear, while the Broncos were destroying the Patriots....

" Don't worry...Help is on the way!  ..Help is on the way"