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Lets face it; Favre in Lambeau is must watch TV

You can be that guy who hates even the name being brought up; Even though it was the media that caused the stir, not the man who just changed his mind too many times.

Or you can be that guy who owns 3 jerseys that have the number 4 on them, with two of them being a shade of green.

There are a few other 'guys' (and girls) with varying degrees of support, hate, love, admiration, and combinations of the above who have their opinions about what is going on this afternoon. But no matter your opinion, there is one thing every 'guy' has in common; They will be watching today.

Thanks to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers bye week, even us die hard fans will get the chance to watch in full the spectacle that will be Brett Favre's return to Lambeau the enemy! That's right, in a dream only imaginable in Wonderland a few years ago, Favre will don the purple of Minnesota, and take the field as the Vikings quarterback AGAINST the Green Bay Packers

Will Packer fans throw their Cheeseheads on the field? Their Wranglers? 

Even Favre is aware of the public's perception of him. Anyone seen the latest commercial with Sears technology. He is looking at a flat panel Television as the Salesman tells him Sears is able to pull up competitors pricing because Sears understands there are people out there who waffle back and forth unable to make decisions. Favre responds " I know I hate guys like that".

After the salesman gives the specs on the brilliant unit, Farve says " I'll take it!".... pauses for a momemnt, then blurbs...

" ...nah wait a minute"....

Again, the guy who is in full hate mode won't find it too funny. The rest of us can appreciate that Favre acknowledges the public's perception. While he may get the fact we laugh at the indecision, Im not sure there is any part of the media overkill we get from ESPN, Fox Sports and the like; not a part of which is his fault.

Lets be honest, headlines sell papers. Iconic figures sell airtime. Favre sells....everything.

He is NOT Joe Namath as a Ram. He is NOT Thurman Thomas as a Dolphin. Yet  many of the haters would have had us thinking so before the beginning of this season. Our own local radio show hosts refused to talk about him because they were sick of his " FIll in the blank".

There is a lot of irony here if you think about it. The quarterback position relies so much on being quick to make decisions. Yet here in the last few years, Favre has been unable to do with his career what he has excelled at IN his career. Still, a man has the right to say Sorry, I made a mistake, I want to come back; especially if he can still play.

Thousands of people in Wisconsin, and Millions at home on TV, will know if he can or not later today.