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Look Inside the Minds of Eagles Fans!


This week we talk Bucs and Eagles football with Jason and Crew from Bleeding Green Nation; The SB Nation blog for the Philadelphia Eagles! Here is what they had to say, or think, about us...

Q.Every interview about Phily probably either begins or ends with Michael Vick. How did the average Philly fan take it when he was brought on and how has that changed since McNabb's injury if at all?

A. The average fan was pretty split to say the least. In the first few days the loudest people were obviously the negative ones, but it's calmed down quite a bit and I think generally most people are on board with the idea of Vick as an Eagle. Not everyone likes the guy, but we generally care most about the guys wearing the green jerseys making plays. If he does that here, fans will accept him. McNabb's injury hasn't really affected the view of Vick. He was never going to start in McNabb's place, in fact he wasn't even going to start in the backup's place. He's definitely not ready to start for any team just yet.

Q. Seems like Brian Westrbrook has been a key part of the Eagles franchise forever. What role does McCoy play in the Eagles future?

A. He's going to be worked into Westbrook's role in the coming year. Last week, when Westbrook sat out the Eagles didn't really change anything. McCoy certainly seems to have a lot of Westbrook in him... Brian's contract is up after next year and I'd imagine McCoy will take over as the top back at that point, if not earlier...

Q. Through an amazing coincidence of sports franchises, Tampa Bay fans have seen Philadelphia as a sort of rival, as our Lightning started out in the playoffs against your Flyers, Bucs vs Eagles games of 2000-2003 and then last year the D Rays face off against..who else, the Phillies! How do Philadelphia fans see Tampa Bay?

A. Yeah that is interesting. I don't think Philly fans have any particular dislike for Tampa. In fact, I'm sure if the Rays were playing anyone other than the Phillies most fans here probably would have been rooting for them. I'd certainly say that of all the Tampa teams, the Bucs are clearly the ones Philly fans feel the most "rivalry" with.

Q. Bucs fans got tired of Jon Gruden's whole persona even though he won a Superbowl. Tampa fans see Andy Reid as a fixture in Philadelphia, a great coach who when struck with criticism is done so by fans who are just too picky. For Eagles fans who don't like Reid, what is their beef against him?

A. Well there's a few things fans have always wanted Andy Reid to do differently. Certainly they always want to see the team run the ball more and they've always wanted Andy to go out and get a top WR... But in general the problem some fans have with Andy is the same they have with anyone in the Eagles organization, it's simple frustration. They want to see a title here. This team has been very good for nearly a decade. They've been in the playoffs almost every year, they've been to 5 NFC title games... They've done everything but win it all. In the end, that's all any fans here want. They want Andy and McNabb to finish what they've started.

Q.How was the releasing of Jeff Garcia at the end of 2006 looked at by Eagles fans? What about this last time?

A. Well he left in free agency that first time. I think most fans wanted him to stick around a backup, but we also acknowledged that he wanted a starting job and he wasn't going to get one here. He certainly won a lot of fans here with how well he played down the stretch that year and got the team in the playoffs. 

This time around it was well known that he was only going to be here for couple weeks, so I don't think fans had any real reaction. McNabb is back this week, Kolb looked good in his starts, and then there's Vick... There's just no place for Garcia and I think everyone realizes that.

You can check out my Questions for them here, however I did find this joyous comment listed, that I figured just had to be reprinted on our site!! - some of the Philly colorful metaphors of course...

Response to one commenter who said they feel bad for Tampa....

Don’t feel bad for Tampa….EVER.

Maybe I can jog your memory of a-hem…

A 60+ miracle field goal last (time we played) by an ex giant kicker…

2 lucky ridiculous catches by another ex giant receiver to start the season on MNF…I hate you Joe Jurevicious.

And…of course..not to mention the superbowl that f(ing) scum twin d*%&bag Ronde Barber and co. stole from us in 2002 i believe. We wouldve demolished the Raiders just like the Bucs did that year…and YES..IM STILL BITTER…can ya tell lol