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PEWTER PREVIEW! Philadelphia Eagles preview, Vick, DE Trent Cole Mic'ed Up & More

The countdown is started, the players will be packing soon, finishing up last practices, ready to head to the Linc, where the Bucs had success the last time they were there. But 2003 seems like a lifetime ago! The Bucs are rebuilding, and the Eagles have retooled and are as dangerous as ever. In this, the first Pewter Preview movie of the year, we will look at some of the Eagles weapons including a Mic'ed up DE Trent Cole, an NFL Network analysis of Michael Vick, and a look at a dangerous weapon we wanted here in Tampa; DeSean Jackson. I remember local media warning against picking DeSean because of his nickname (MESean) and his almost exact specs to former Gator receiver Jacquez Green, who also had speed  but didn't really pan out as a WR here. Well everyone was wrong, and our pick, Dexter Jackson, is no longer even on the team.

Enjoy the preview, and we will look more into the last time we played the Eagles over the next few days before Game Day!