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ON THIS DAY- 10/8/1995: Could you kick a FG through these posts?

The Bucs in 1995 were probably the best team of all the 14 straight years of losing seasons. They finished 1994 4-1, and managed to take '95 to 5-2, so for awhile there, the Bucs were 9-3 in their last 12 games. But it was all smoke and mirrors. They won on a play here and a play there. They beat bad teams, and just barely. Trent Dilfer was getting benched, and for Casey Weldon, so we knew it wasn't for anything other than pettiness. This was one such game. The Bucs struggled to beat a poor Bengals team, but the lowlight of the even was Michael Husted trying to kick a FG into goalposts that had moved because of a serious windstorm that blew debris all over the field. Husted hit the right goalpost on one, and after they got straightened out, the game winner, 19-16 Bucs

Don't miss tomorrow, the 0-5 (eventually 2-14) Bucs came oh so close to beating the 5-0 Dallas Cowboys, including an int under 2:00 that should have clinched it.