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An ON THIS DAY you won't want to miss! 2003 MNF Colts at Bucs!

Greatest Comeback in NFL history by most standards, as no team ever came back from such a deficit with only 4 minutes left to go in the game. I was at the  Stadium for this one, and  I never leave early, but this time I couldn't blame the fans for taking off.

Ronde Barber went in for a Pick6, and the Bucs were up 35-14 with 5 minutes to go. What happened next could only happen to Tony Dungy! ...and on his Birthday!

Irony is, In Dungy's book, he tells of how he  planned to sit Peyton Manning at this point in the game since the outcome was no longer in doubt. But the Colts returned a kickoff DEEP into Bucs territory, so he left him in. With Brian Kelly out with an injury, 2nd year starter Tim Wansley was victimized by several deep Manning to Harrison bombs. Then add in a few onside kicks, and a rediculous bogus "Leaping" call on a missed FG, and you have one of the sickest Bucs games ever. It was so crazy, Madden and Michaels are beside themselves at the end of the game. Feel free to chant BS BS with the crowd if you want, and trust me, you'll want to! But not for long, as the rekick just sends everyone through the roof!

If you have become a Bucs fan since 2003, and you think your sick from this season, you havnt seen anything yet. Not a play is missed here in this full length 28 minute highlight movie! Not even the Snoop Dogg intro! Enjoy!