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Know your 1979 Bucs!

When we left off last week, the 5-0 Bucs finally lost; to the 0-5 Giants starting a rookie QB- Phil Simms. Next week they would host the Saints..youll never guess the final score of that game! It was 0-0 at the half, and the Bucs scored first in the 3rd period.

Game 7- New Orleans Saints- It was Doug Williams most erratic game of the season. That and dropped balls (sound familiar?? ), and the Saints tied the game moments after the Bucs scored. Then the floodgates opened. Final score Saints 42, Bucs 14, in a game scoreless at the half! It made NFL films game of the week back then, a cool feature on Saturday nights late night on network tv, those late night hours were the birth of the NFL network so to speak!

Everything would work out ok though, because the best thing back then after a losing streak was to play the Green Bay Packers.

Green Bay proved to be just what the young Bucs needed. Everyone got better, quick. Ricky Bell ran for 167 yards on 28 carries, and the Bucs ran the clock out on the Packers 21-3 to go to 6-2 and still in first place by a mile.

On of the best things I own, is this game video on DVD which is the master copy, and it has the entire Ricky Bell and Doug Williams Interview after the game. For a bonus Bucem extra, here is that footage!

DONT MISS: that one second of the Michelin Man! Dick Stockton saying Brooth instead of booth., and check out those massive headphones!! BlueTooth baby!!