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Buc 'Em's Week 4 Predictions!

Here we go! This is the first week of our Buc'em Predictions, where the three of us put in our picks, and let you in on why. It's also your chance to go down ON RECORD and call that crazy upset you just know is going to happen! Then you can brag all week, because it will be up here! Pick one game, or pick every game, doesn't matter! But Pick before 1PM!


BucWild's Picks!

Detroit at CHICAGO - Detroit took home one win.  While Detroit's improved expect the Chicago defense to step up.  A home game with the offense clicking gets it done for Chicago.

CINCINNATI at Cleveland - No QB and a shallow talent pool has Cleveland and Mangini in trouble.  Cincy's defense is for real and Palmer and Ocho Cinco light up their division foes.

Oakland at HOUSTON I refuse to back a quarterback with under a 50 QB rating.  Houston has the tools and is superior on both sides of the ball.  A fun matchup in this game is top CB Asomugha vs one of the best receivers in Andre Johnson

Seattle at INDIANAPOLIS - Seattle would be best served running it at Indy.  No Freeney and no Bob Sanders mean Peyton will have to carry the team again.  The Colts get it done at home as Seattle has the dreaded cross country trip for an early game.

Niko's Picks

Tennessee at Jacksonville- Only so much longer the Jaguars can continue to play in front of half empty stadiums before someone starts talking about pulling their team ( Oh wait I'm too late, if anyone missed The Heard on Friday). Meanwhile Tennessee has lost more than half as many games already as all of last year. That ends today.

NY Giants at KC- The Chiefs traded away last years QB Thigpen, and are putting all of their marbles in one basket so to speak. The G-men may have them rethinking that, as Cassel could take a beating. Blue over Red today.

Baltimore at New England- Last year, Flacco was given a limited playbook and was super efficient in running it. Look at the difference a year makes in how much more of the playbook they feel comfortable giving their young QB. This is a Show Me game, we will see which New England team is going to show up, the one that handled the falcons maybe? maybe. Either way Baltimore is more complete.

Tampa Bay at Washington- I thought I got rid of this game so I wouldnt have to pick it? The Bucs are going with J.J., the Redskins are an even worse offense than we are. The Giants exploited a weakness Buffalo showed, by blitzing hard up the middle between the Center and Gaurd. Johnson is more mobile than Leftwich and can escape that strategy. The Skins meanwhile have been consistently pathetic, and even played the Lambs close. Bucs have this one and Panthers to get a win, then wont be favored again.

Buffalo at Miami- The Bills are taking more chances, which is funny because ousted OC Turk Schonert said HC Dick Jauron forced him to keep it simple for young QB Edwards. Well Buffalo held in there before collapsing against a very good Saints team. Speaking of collapsing, Miami is crashing back to Earth after a Cinderella season last year. Unless Gloria Estefan is going to sing CONGA while TO is running down the field, Buffalo takes this one.

NY Jets at NewOrleans- Crazy, this COULD be a SuperBowl preview. Notice how all SuperBowls have a game played during the regular season that no one knew was going to be the Superbowl?? Never know!!!! Sanchez gets the limited book like Flacco last year, and with that Jets Defense, the J, E, T, S, Jets, Jets, Jets!, are rolling. Meanwhile the Saints Offense gets more explosive every year. How can you possibly win a defensive position with the Saints when your tryouts during the Summer are against that juggernaut!  Still, Defense wins in the NFL, Jets by 1.

Dallas at Denver - Something Must give. Dallas will test the Broncos stout run defense with that 3 pronged attack, and so far the Broncos have beaten the Cowboys 3 games in a row since 1995. If Marion Barber is really hurt, Denver has a chance. Otherwise, McDaniels gets what we thought he would have experienced 3 times already...a loss!


St Louis at San Francisco 49ers - The Niners showed last week that they CAN win without Gore, albeit they lost on a miracle play for 'ole Brett. They will need more production out of Glen Coffee so the game doesn't ride on Hill's shoulders (though he is capable). Steven Jackson is still a very good running back. Whoever runs the ball the best wins. With San Fran coming off the heart-breaking loss, I will pick the upset special of the week.


San Diego Chargers @ Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh needs to rebound from a loss to Cincy. San Diego has the worst defensive line in the league (yes, worse than Tampa). Pittsburgh struggled to run the ball again the Bengals. That will change this week. Pittsburgh wins, but they won't cover the 6.5 point spread.

Mon.   Green Bay at Minnesota -The game the whole nation has been waiting for. This is why Brett Favre returned; to stick it to the Pack. I am going to continue to ride high on my NFC Champions Pick. It took a spectacular throw from Favre to win the game, but they did. It's hard to know which Packers team will show up, The one that lost to Cincy and barely beat Chicago (but looked awful) or the one that dismantled the Rams. I will stick to what we've seen most and say the Vikings win and cover the 3.5 point spread.

In all fairness, it should be noted that picks are sometimes made as early as Wednesday to give me time to make the chart, so late breaking news during the week may not reflect in someones pick. I mean these guys have a reputation to uphold!!