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GAME DAY: Bucs/Skins GameDay Program, Enemy Flashback Video, , and MORE!!

You don't want to miss Mike Alstott's run against the Redskins in 2006. This was when everyone was signing the petition ( of which I am #4 !) and hadn't carried the load anywhere near enough, for whatever reason. Listen to the crowd go NUTS over a 4 yard gain, and then watch the whole team get pumped up on the next play.  You'll see those on the Enemy Flashback Videos inside, and there is a bonus Classic Enemy Flashback too.

But the Best part is the 53 page PDF GameDay Media-Program, which is now yours on Buc'em.

Check that out by clicking the link below, then enjoy the videos.

Game Day Program 4; Washington


Enemy Flashback

Instead of one game, I took the last two times we played the Washington Redskins, because they had some moving moments in them. Especially the 2006, when Jon Gruden finally gave Mike Alstott the ball, and the stadium went nuts! Also, there are two clips from the win in 2007 when Brian Kelly picked off the ball at the end of the game! Enjoy...the last two times we have played the Washington Redskins!



Classic Enemy Flashback

Now here, we look back at a game played against this weeks opponent, in the past, instead of the last time. I choose to go way way way back, to, well, 2004! The good ole days! Which also happens to be the very last time the Bucs played the Redskins on the road. Hope the results are better, as this opening day loss in 2004 was a real bummer!