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NFL Predictions for WEEK 8


Current Standings

BucWild 38-17   .691    -

UNFnole 38-17   .691   -

BF Dave 8-5        .615   .076

Niko 25-30    .451  13

Paul 0-0         .00      -

Catch the detailed predictions after the Jump!


Seattle at Dallas - Though I'm not sold on Dallas, I'm even more unsure of what to make of the Seahawks.  DeMarcus Ware has been on fire the last two games notching 2 sacks in each game and with 3 running backs that can deliver, Dallas should take it at home.

LA Rams at Lions - My heart says go with St Louis, my brain says I'm an idiot to go with them.  Detroit may be without Megatron, which could spell trouble.  I also may be changing my pick around game time depending on injury report.  Ah, screw it, I'll go with the Rams now and change it later

Miami at NY Jets - The Jets are pumped up for this and the Dolphins are coming off a devastating loss.  At home, with their backs to the wall, the Jets take it. 


San Francisco at Indianapolis- The Colts look better than their SuperBowl year, and with a much younger team, and they will host probably the best 49er team in over half a decade if not longer. But unlike the 49ers, Indianapolis is set at the QB position, which will be dominated by the team in blue today.

Cleveland at Chicago- Last week Chicago was simply dumped on by an improved but hardly a world-beater Cincinnati team. Cleveland is in chaos with its QB quandary, and is looking for someone, anyone, it can beat up. They will keep looking…

Denver at Baltimore- Just three short weeks ago, both teams were 3-0. Baltimore looked like it, Denver beat no one. Since then, the Broncos have beaten Dallas, New England and San Diego. Baltimore has lost 3 straight close ones. I’m sorry did I say three?


NY Giants at Philadelphia - Battle of the over-rateds. I'm not going to get into how Filthy is overrated again, just look at who theyve beat and who they have lost to. Combined with McNabbs DYAR being well below some mediocre - bad quarterbacks in the league. The Giants are also overrated. Their best win came against Dallas. I will give you a minute to catch your breath after being so impressed. They also have wins against US, KC, Washington and Oakland. They lost the last two weeks to above average teams (NO, Arizona). NYG win this game, but only because I have to chose and I hate Filthy.


Houston at Buffalo - Houston proved how they could dismantle defenses. San Fran has a much better one that does Buffalo. Buffalo however, can take away some of their passing game forcing Houston to rely on the run. On the flip side of it, Houston’s defense is terrible. I will put you on upset alert here, but will still go with Houston because of the talent in place.


Jacksonville at Tennessee - I fully expect Jacksonville to have all 11 guys in the box. Neither Collins nor Young have the ability to hit open WR, and their WR have no ability to get open (even against 0 DB's). I am only slightly kidding. I also think Tim Tebow should just forego his Senior Year right now and enter the NFL as a FA. After which, Wayne Weaver will sign him without ever giving him a tryout or interview. Tim Tebow will run rampant on Tenn. MJD will have to create some holes, but they will be there. Another tough one to pick, but  I will go with my gut and say Tim Tebow.




 Oakland at San Diego-  Ah, November, when the season usually begins for San Diego.  After taking September and October off, the Chargers seem to like to spot Denver three games each season.  Oakland, however, has neither a starting, nor backup quarterback capable of completing a pass.  San Diego 24-9.


Minnesota at GreenBay-  Green Bay played well against Minnesota on the road, but committed killer turnovers.  This time, they'll have a better left tackle, and that increased time to throw is the difference here.  I can already see that the Vikings are going to Peterson less and Favre more.  This is good news for the Packers.  Green Bay 24-17.


Carolina at Arizona- Arizona's defense looked awesome against New York.  Arizona's ability to stop the run will force Carolina to the air.  However, look for Delhomme to break out of his slump.  Panthers upset the overconfident Cardinals 21-17.


Mon- Atlanta at NewOrleans- Great matchup, but the Saints are too good.  Atlanta's defense has not improved from last year, and the Saints' defense has.  Brees will throw for 400 yards and 3 touchdowns as fantasy owners rejoice.  Saints 42-21.