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Happy Halloween On This Day Video! 10/31/1993; Trick or Treat PrimeTime Neon Deion Sanders!!!

Wouldn't you know it, eventually, the team with the most pumpkin like uniforms would come to life and Atlanta Falcons & fans would be the ones getting the trick while we get the treats; namely 4 touchdown passes for Craig Erickson in his first year starting, two of which go to WR Horace Copeland who does backflips after every score. ...and with good reason, as his last TD was at the expense of Prime Time Neon Deion Sanders, which just goes to show you that even the best corners make mistakes.

So what does he do when he scores 2 in one game? Well check it out, and the mask worn by Steve DeBerg On This Day.

...and Happy Halloween from Buc'em!