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On This Day Recap- 10/30/1983- James Wilder: Tailback is born

Never a clean uniform on Mr. Wilder.
Never a clean uniform on Mr. Wilder.

It actually started the week before, for a 20 carry 64 yard performance over the Saints when he was first named tailback. But this game vs the Steelers, Wilder turned in a 42 carry 126 yard performance that started the James Wilder era here in Tampa Bay. The next week, Wilder went over 200 and the Bucs got their first win of the year.  It didn't get far though, because the very next game, at Cleveland, Wilder suffered broken ribs and was out for the year. 

Of course we know he came back in 1984 and went over 2000 yards combined, and over 1500 rushing yards, to this day still a Bucs single season record.