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BUCSHOTS- James Wilder is running all over the place again!

No for real, James Wilder really is running all over defenses again! No, not THE James Wider who still has his name all over the Bucs record book, but James Wilder Jr., Wilder's son. Check out this piece on Leave it to Paul Stewart to find a fresh story on a classic Buc!

James Wilder Jr. Story


A great story from the Times on the hurt real players feel, including a great story on Trent Dilfer getting Booed at a local Outback Restaurant. Somehow I just dont see people doing that today. That was a different time though. 14 straight years of losing will do that to you. Look how fired up fans are in '09 after only 7 losses!

Story on Trent Dilfer and the Pain of Losing

More Bucshots after the break

Ira Kauffman tells us Gaines Adams may miss the Redskins game because of injury, but Raheem Morris says dont call it a benching. We wont. We'll call it a gift.

Gaines Adams may sit Sunday


Jim Flynn of the Pewter Report says players are still confident in Jim Bates system.  As I wrote today, Im not as sure, although Im willing to give it the year to see. Are his picks going to turn out? Thats what I want to know.

Click for the Bucs confident in Bates system piece


Fox Sports' Jay Glazer answers a question on when the Skins will fire Zorn... Heck I wish he could play for us. Trust me, that guy was awesome when he quarterbacked the Seahawks. Zorn to Largent....those were the days!

Jay Glazer of Fox answers a good Skins question...


Clinton Portis may miss the game tomorrow, which sure doesn't hurt. Check out the long TD he scored on us in his first game as a Redskin in the Classic Enemy Flashback today.

Clinton Portis may miss game


Remember how Jeff Garcia ripped into Gruden? Well he's at it again; according to ESPN,  this time going after the Raidahs. 

Garcia Rips Raiders


And finally, for all the Morris haters who want to get rid of him after 3 weeks, Joe Posnanski (of no relation to JoeBucsFan) tells us were commiting Fanbole (don't worry, he defines it) when you say "Morris is the worst coach ever!" ..However, he does feel there is a Head Coach in the NFL that is the worst hire in 25 years, so at least were not the worst.

Click to read Joe's piece on Fanbole and the worst HC in the NFL.


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