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Buc'em Readers, Welcome Paul Mueller; Times Correspondent.

Buc'em readers, I am pleased to announce the arrival of Paul Mueller as one of the main writers on Buc'

He will start officially after the Bye Week, but he is registered and set up, so we can give him a  'Hello' at any time!

While I am more than happy with the content on Buc'em as it is, we have just 'upped it a notch' by bringing Paul on board. He is a professional writer who works as a  Sports Correspondent for the St. Petersburg Times, and now will be joining us and bringing his writing here.

Paul is a local product of University of South Florida, St. Petersburg (GO BULLS!) who received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism & Media studies in the Fall of 2008. 

Paul has grown up a Bucs fan in the area for 22 years now, bordering on obsession.

I like the sound of that!

You'll like the stuff he writes!

See ya soon Paul, and Welcome aboard!!