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Have the Bucs quit on Morris?

In a nutshell, I think not.

I don't even think the Bucs quit on Gruden.

Its just something easy to say. When a player with a lower talent level makes a mistake, its very easy to blame on coaching. 

Its been said Quarterbacks and Coaches get too much of the glory when they win, and too much of the blame when they lose. In this case, I would have to agree. 

Does Morris get a pass for not going for it on 4th down towards the end of the game? No, that was a poor decision.

But has he lost the team?

I've heard alot of you say it yourselves, that your tired of a guy who 'rah rahs' it up with his players and goes out with them, etc etc. Well you can't condemn him for being so close with the guys and say he is losing the team too. That doesn't go over well. 

Does Morris get a pass for the McCown/Leftwich showdown that was for the right to start 3 games? No.

But I ask again, has he lost the team? Almost every reader on this site predicted the Bucs would win no more than 4 games. Heck, I was the one that argued with most of you when I said it would be ok. Your arguments ended up being sound. Little experience on the team, little talent, and inexperience at coaching. So why are we so upset at October 26th when the team is doing exactly what you expected? Did you not think 12 + losses would be ugly and take their toll? 

A team that is not listening to its coach is a team that falls apart. Lets take a look at how the Bucs fare against their opponents this year in a quarter by quarter analysis. 

If the Bucs were quitting on Morris, this would be a team that is competative in the early part of the games, then gets killed in the 3rd and 4th quarter. But we have only scored 14 first quarter points all year, a TD vs Washington and Carolina. In fact, this teams comes out of the game fired up, but incapable of doing anything with the low level of talent vs the other teams. 

Then the Bucs tend to get their act together in the second quarter. We've given up the least amount of points in the 2nd quarter; 45. We have scored 38, including two touchdowns in the 2nd at Buffalo.

The second least amount of points scored against comes in the 3rd quarter with 47. Not much difference? Truth is only 6 points separates the best Quarter of opponent scoring against us and the worst. We have given up 51 1st qtr points, 45 in the 2nd, 47 in the 3rd, and 50 in the 4th quarter. We are pretty even across the board in how we have given up points, not really showing a team that has 'given up' or quit. 

The 4th quarter in fact is the time we score the most...40 points. You would not expect a team that has quit on its coach to score the most amount of points in the 4th quarter. If anything, this is a team that is simply NOT quitting.