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Another look... The Picks, The PICKS, and the Franchise

Rather than focus on one element of the game, lets take a look at some of the positives and negatives of the game.

For one, the offense can run the ball when the game is in doubt. The defense is starting to show signs of life since the return of Tanard Jackson. The Defensive line with newcomers Crowder and Miller are starting to show improvement, and the secondary is opportunistic, picking off 4 passes in the last two games. 


On the other side, Josh Freeman shows us why the second part of our movie is about The FreeChise. (Im sticking with it until someone comes up with something better!!)

Enjoy the movie. Remember Mystery Science Theatre 3000? or whatever it was called?

Thank goodness our readers dont do that to this video. I can only imagine what would be said during the phone call.

By the way, NO....Gene Deckerhoff did NOT have his voice raised two octaves or learn a fake British accent.