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On This Day Recap- 10/26/2003- Proof Jon Gruden lost his mind

Ellis Wyms gets in on the Sack Action.
Ellis Wyms gets in on the Sack Action.

Things were on the downturn.

The Bucs were losing games they normally win. Not anymore.

In what would be the last year for John Lynch and Warren Sapp, the Bucs shutout the Dallas Cowboys 16-0.

The funny part was...most stars were not on the field. Bucs front office got a chance to look at Jermaine Philips at Safety as Lynch was hurt, Ronde Barber missed practice all week, and Tim Wansley got to start at corner. 

Someone may want to pass the offensive coordinators phone number to Jon Gruden when he sees him. The Cowboys starting receivers ON THIS DAY? Joey Galloway and Antonio Bryant.

I kid you not.