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The Call for Free-Chise!

Ok, I'm sure I'm going to catch heat for that take on NY Jets Sanchize (or last week was being called DEmise),  but hey, what are you gonna do! 

Josh Freeman got in the game and pretty much did what we expected him to do with 8 minutes left, gett sacked, throw a nice completion, and have one of those 'throw the ball away but it looks like a fumble' moment rookies have a patent right to.

For a coaching staff that has not been afraid to admit its mistakes (See Offensive Coordinator Jags), the way the Quarterback position has been handled this year seems to have been another big one. Either way, it is time to make this right.

The entire preseason and training camp was a complete waste. Luke McCown and Byron Leftwich took all of the valuable snaps in practice for their battle to start the 2009 season. Well they may as well have been  Jack Thompson and Jerry Goldstein; because neither one was in the Bucs plans only 4  weeks later. When it was obvious that the rumours about Byron Leftwich were actually true, the competition was already shipped off to Jacksonville. 

Moving to Josh Johnson was questionable at best, but Johnson did show flashes of potential in both camp, and preseason, perhaps even winning the job in the exhibition games. In four games however as the starter, he has regressed and any chance of magically taking over this team should now be given solely to the man the Bucs stated all along would become THE Franchise here in Tampa Bay.

You don't have to like Josh Freeman's college stats or accomplishments there, or lack of if you feel that is the case. Josh Freeman is a Blue Chipper. He is the raw talent that has all of the keys necessary to be given the car to drive. He has the size, the arm, and the experience for the job. Freeman was a starter for three seasons at Kansas State, and in the history of the league, that translates into better chance to succeed early for rookie signal callers being given the reins in their first year. 

In the coming weeks, we will take a look not only at Tampa Bay's rookie signal callers like Vinny Testeverde, Steve Young, and Trent Dilfer; but we will also look at the rest of the league and their history with first timers like Joe Montana, Heath Shuler, and  Peyton Manning

No one can be sure which one of these men Freemen will emulate, but one thing is certain...its time to start finding out;  in two weeks against the Green Bay Packers, wearing that familiar color of Orange to remind us of all the potential and all the heart aches and heartbreaks going with a #1 round Quarterback pick will do for you.

And all the Glory too.