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Facts and Fiction: Head Coaches

Maybe he was Noll's Gaines Adams? He is no LC Greenwood!
Maybe he was Noll's Gaines Adams? He is no LC Greenwood!

With an 0-7 start, I have heard the anti- Morris and anti- Dominik chatter. Rather than blame the previous regime for neglecting the right way to build a team, the draft, and instead applying bandaids all over the place, its easier to blame the head coach who covers no one, rushes not one passer, and drops 0 balls.

Lets look at Football Powers and Dynasties in the modern era.

Team of the 70s; Pittsburgh Steelers- Coached by Chuck Noll- Record first year  1-13

Team of the 80s; San Francisco 49ers- Coached by Bill Walsh- Record first year- 2-14

Team of the 90s (several have claim)--Dallas Cowboys- Coached by Jimmy Johnson- Record first year- 1-15

Team of 2000s- New England Patriots-  Bill Belichik-       5-11 in 2000.

We are not talking about slouches here. Were talking about the greatest teams in NFL history, Three decades worth of teams that totaled 4 wins all together!

Does this mean Raheem Morris is going to be another Noll? Or Jimmy  Johnson? or GULP Bill  Walsh? No it doesn't mean that. 

Some other notables.....

Mike Ditka's 85 Bears ---> 3-6 in 1982

Dick Vermeil's '80 Superbowl Eagles- 4-10 in 1976, Greatest Show on Turf 1999 Rams: 5-11 in 1997.

The List goes on. 

Players play. Coaches Coach.