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BucEm's NFL Predictions! Put yours on record today!


Congrats to UNFNole who came out alive in an upset Sunday by going 9-5 to BW's 8-6. Guest CatScratchReader came in at 7-7, and like the Bucs, I came in dead last at 5-9.  




Green Bay at Cleveland

Green Bay struggles on the road, so Cleveland has a chance.  However, too much talent offensively for Green Bay.  Packers win 27-17.

San Diego at KC.  The Chargers defense is terrible.  The Chargers offense is explosive.  However, the Chiefs are showing momentum and will win a tight game at home.  Chiefs 34, Chargers 31.

 Indianapolis at St. Louis.   The Colts are one of the three best teams in the league.  The Rams are one of the bottom two.  Chaos ensues.   The saying "any given Sunday" is now obsolete with this matchup.  Colts 35, Rams 6.

More picks including what BFDave thinks of the Bucs/Pats game, after the jump.....


 New England at Tampa Bay.  This has the makings of a blowout.  Or is it Raiders over Eagles, part deux?  Nah.  Patriots 42, Buccaneers 14.


Minnesota at STEELERS - The defending champs take on the NFC favorites in a possible preview on the Super Bowl.  Peterson is good, but the Steelers are a better all around team.  Look for Big Ben to go to the air against a weaker pass defense without Winfield.  The champs take this one.

San Francisco at TEXANS - This one was tough.  I like what the 49ers are doing, but I think Schaub gets it done.  The Texans are an enigma and will give all their fans hope this week before falling back to 8-8 at year end.

Buffalo at PANTHERS - The Bills are just too banged up.  The Panthers will continue to run the ball, much like Thomas Jones did on the Bills last week.  The Panthers stay on track and rattle off win number 3.


NY Jets at Oakland -Sanchize is playing like a rookie, and the Raidahs are playing like the Bucs; Like its 1976. I say the Uncle Al gets two in a row.

Chicago at Cincinnati- Could be balls flying in the air in Ohio; with Palmer and Cutler; two premier QBs go at it with the Bengals trying to stay on top, and the Bears trying to catch the phenom Vikes.

Atlanta at Dallas - Seems like every good team has a ‘make a statement vs a cowboys. Not this time. Dallas pulls it together in time.


New Orleans at Miami - Miami may be better than their schedule, especially with Chad Henne at the helm. However, New Orleans is an elite team. Not only are they the top offensive team in the league, but the 2nd ranked Defensive unit. They are better coached, have better talent and will hand Miami reality in a box on Sunday.

8PM) Arizona at NY Giants - The Cardinals will have to find their run-game if they want to beat the Giants at home. However, NYG will need to rely on Eli Manning to win this game for them. Arizona has the top rated rush-defense in the NFL and the Giants have struggled mightly on the ground. Arizonas pass rush and secondary is better than most give them credit for, therefor my upset of the week is Arizona in New York.

Mon)  Philadelphia at Washington - Did anyone see that Philthy loss to Oakland coming? Probably not. They are a very overrated team. Their wins come against Carolina, Tampa and Kansas City while they got it handed to them by New Orleans and couldn't muster up a win against Oakland.They have had the 30th easiest schedule thus far. McNabb has been bad. How bad? Byron Leftwich, Seneca Wallace, Jason Campbell, David Garrard and Marc Bulger have a higher DVOA of QB's who threw more than 50 times. They will move to 4-2 and appear a much better team than they really are. After Washington, their schedule beefs up slightly and the real Philthy Eagles will reveal themselves. What a terrible MNF game. 


Here are the BucEm staff totals...

BucWild      27-15          .628

UNFnole    27-15          .628

Niko            20-22          .476

BFDave        0-0             .00