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BucShots- Slingbox to England, Road back for Bucs and more!


First, we have a nice piece from about the founder Paul Stewart.... with this nice blurb..

Now a resident of Weybridge, a suburb of London, he can't watch NFL games live on TV, so he watches them on his computer, which gets a feed from a friend in Tarpon Springs whose TV is set up to a Slingbox unit that transmits the signal through a broadband connection.

Hmm, wonder who that is...


Patriots know all about Bucs defensive reported by St. Pete Times...

More Bucshots after the jump...

How Bucs fans and Man U fans are questioning the Glazers is reported by


Michael Clayton may not play as well as Clifton Smith says Pewter Report.


Vic Caruci on talks about the long road the Bucs face in rebuilding.