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Classic Enemy Flashback- Tampa Bay @ New England 1988, Perkins Defers kickoff in OT???


Thats right, Brilliant statistician that Ray Perkins was, found his lowly Bucs fresh off of miracle home upset of the AFC East champs Buffalo Bills 10-5, and tied the Patriots 7-7 with minutes to go in the game. What does he do in overtime when he wins the toss? 

Decides to kick off and play defense; despite the knowledge that most teams that win the KickOff in OT win. Pats get the ball and drive down the field and score. Despite the loss, the Bucs played the Patriots close in 25 degree weather, and won the next week over Detroit to give the Bucs a win in 2 of their last 3 games. Not only that, but the play was improved, especially from the defense. It looked like Ray Perkin's bunch had learned how to turn it around, and gave the fans something to cheer about going into 1989. In truth, '89 looked very inspiring. Both Perkins and Sam Wyche had similar seasons; Wyche's 94 ending turning  into a great 5 dash 2 start to '95. Like Sam's years, Perkin's Bucs were just a mirage, turning into losers by midseason. 

Ray Perkins

1988 Ending    2-1

1989 Beginning 3-2

1989 ending  2-9;  5-11 Total

Sam Wyche

1994 ending  4-1

1995 beginning 5-2

1995 ending 2-7; 7-9

Still, Sam Wyche's 7-9 season ended 12 straight double digit loss seasons.