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Slowing it Down: Williams improvises

Apologies for being late with the Slow-Mo video. Here it is though. Enjoy Carnell Williams vision and cutback ability. While it's another run by Williams, you will see a lot of different things in this video than usual.

If the video is too large and intrusive to the website, make sure your webpage view is set to "Wide" and not "narrow." You can do this on the left-hand side of the site.

Pre-Play: The Panthers are in a 4-4 with a shift. You will see Peppers in a 3 technique on the left side (meaning he is on the outside shoulder of the guard (typically where you would see a DT). I believe it Damion Lewis who is lined up next to him in what looks like a 0, maybe a 1 technique (Heads up with the C or on his shoulder). Thomas Davis (of UGA fame) is very close to the LOS. It's almost as if the Panthers predict run here with their playcall. Na'ill Diggs is lined up as a Standup DE, with two linebackers still patrolling the middle of the field.

The Bucs line up in a two TE set with an I-Formation backfield. Graham is the lead blocker and Antonio Bryant is line up on the outside. Kellen Winslow is actually ineligible at this point as he is covered by Antonio Bryant.

Play: This is an inside zone-right call. Remember, in a zone-scheme there is no designated holes, rather zones. Unfortunately the Panthers stunt right into the zone. Peppers blows up Davin Joesph and Damion Lewis gets an excellent jump on the play, beating Faine to the zone. Because Faine is beat, the best he can hope to do is to seal off Lewis (hence Faine squaring his shoulders to the sideline). Donald Penn does an excellent job of allowing his guy to crash down and sticking with him. Block of the play goes to John Gilmore. Watch him get his body on Thomas Davis and drive him back about 10 yards. Unbelievable. However, you will notice, nobody touches the End. This is intentional. If the zone is called to the other side, the goal is to create a double team (which doesn't happen simply because of the amount of players Carolina has at the LOS) and allow the end to pursue assuming he will not make the play. Brayton is undersized, but also slow and is not very agile. He can't make this play.

Williams realizes the zone has been blown up and looks to cut back against the grain. He makes an excellent move to avoid Tyler Brayton and looks to getting to the sideline. Because the linebackers see the zone and flow towards the play, Williams has them beat. Good Fundamentals Lesson: Watch how low Williams is in the backfield. It makes him small, gives him leverage and allows him to see the holes developing. As soon as he gets past Brayton he comes out of his low run and has his pad level up high. This is how you garner speed.

Williams only real competition to getting to the end-zone has become Free Safety Charles Godfrey who Williams just flat-out beats the the corner. A play that was designed to go 4-6 yards, WIlliams turns into a 21 yard TD run.

Post Play: I didn't know Rafael Nadal and his capri wearing buddies were Bucs fans. Honestly, what guy wears capris?