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ON THIS DAY RECAP- 10/22/2006- Philly Cheesesteaks melting on Matt Bryant Day

Oh yeah, Happy Matt Bryant Day everyone. Or was that only a one year thing? Because if it isn't, Id say he is celebrating somewhere in Orlando that his wish came true, and that the Bucs are unable to kick a FG.

Three years ago it wasn't much of a different story: Still a poor team putting on Pewter uniforms with not much of a chance for victory. The team already scored its miracle of the year the week before when Michael Clayton scored what would be the first of two touchdowns scored in 4 seasons; all with under 2:00 left to win the game. Bengals Kicker Missed a 60+ yard attempt with time expiring for a little football foreshadowing. Buc hero Ronde Barber does his best 2002 impersonation and returns 2 Donovan McNabb Pick 6 passes, but the real story was the 5 missed tackes that started with Derrick Brooks and ended with a sea of bodies laying on the Ray Jay turf. But the Eagles left enough time on the clock for a good return, a first down, and , well thats it! The ball was kicked from the Bucs end of the field. Matt Bryant Became Bucs Radioman Gene Deckerhoff's hero, and the Mayor made it Matt Bryant Day for everyone to celebrate, On This Day.