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Enemy Flashback Video & Conversation with Pats blogs!

Last time we played the New England Patriots, Chris Simms was our Quarterback, and we were headed to the playoffs. Oh how much has changed in 4 years for the rematch! The Bucs head to Wembley Stadium in London, England to take on the Patriots without out so much as a win to show for themselves. Before we get into our conversation with not just one but TWO Patriots Blogs, Lets take a look at the highlight of that game...


Today we have answers to our questions from not just one, but TWO New England Patriots blogs. Not only SB Nations' David from, but Bruce from as well! We will compare their answers side by side to our panel of author's questions!

BucWild)  Did losing Josh McDaniels shake up the coaching staff, or will the team respond in the next few years (positively) like when Charlie Weis left?

David) I think it's a question of Bill O'Brien, the current quarterbacks coach and heir apparent to the OC job, getting comfortable with the role.  That and there was a lot of turmoil on offense.  Tom Brady's return has been a bit rocky, but Peyton Manning's return in 2008 had the same flavor.  I expect things to settle in a bit once the coaching staff and players have some stability with personnel and figure out what plays work with the group of guys on the field.

Bruce) He was a big loss, no doubt. Not only was the the OC, he was also the QB coach, and we saw what he did with Matt Cassel last year. His departure is one of the many things you can put on a list to explain Tom Brady's struggles in the early going this season. One interesting thing that we learned in the week prior to the Denver game was that Bill Belichick and McDaniels both realized that McDaniels was going to be a head coach, sooner probably than later, so last year they each spent a lot of time getting ready for that. Belichick would give McDaniels tips on what to expect as the head coaches and dealing with various issues. McDaniels would give Belichick and Bill O'Brien, the new QB coach, his thoughts, techniques and ideas on being an offensive coordinator. O'Brien isn't the OC, but he's calling the plays this season, which is exactly what McDaniels role was in the year after Weis left. 



BucWild)  Seems like a different running back is in the backfield on every play.  What are their roles and how does the coaching staff manage the rotation?

David) NE has a "backfield-by-committee" ground game out of necessity - we don't have a solid workhorse back.  Laurence Maroney was supposed to be that guy, but he's struggling.  Currently, I'd consider him a general purpose back.  Sammy Morris and falls into this category, but has better hands and can be used in option or checkdown situations.  Kevin Faulk is predominantly a third down specialist due to his receiver-like abilities.  BenJarvus Green-Ellis is the young buck of the group and appears to have all the qualities of a good back and an option guy when needed.

Bruce) With Fred Taylor and Sammy Morris both injured now, there will obviously a bit less of a rotation.  I think it's a combination of matchups and trying to avoid wear and tear. With lead back, Morris would be the short-yardage back and fullback, Kevin Faulk the third down back, Laurence Maroney the change of pace back and BenJarvus Green-Ellis the insurance policy. Now it seems like Maroney is going to be the guy, with Green-Ellis spelling him, and Faulk remaining the 3rd down back. The Patriots also do a lot of short passes to receivers like Wes Welker which serves almost the same purpose as the running game.


Niko)You've got the 3 Rings in this decade. Since free agency, no team has won 4 like the Steelers and 49ers did. Do you feel the Pats have cemented themselves as a dynasty, or need 1 more SuperBowl win to lock down the same Status those Steelers and 49ers have?

David) As Tedy Bruschi said when he retired, one more would be nice, but let's not get greedy. ;-)   I do feel like one more before Tom Brady retires would certainly quiet the most vocal rivals (Colts fans).

Bruce ) I'd like one more just to be sure. And to shut up the Steelers fans who are trying to make a play for team of the decade.

Niko) What did fans think of Joey Galloway when you got him? What about now?

David) Galloway was cut this past Tuesday prior to the NFL trade deadline.  When he joined, us fans were a little skeptical that a guy at his age had something left in the tank.  But, in Belichick we trust, so we hoped he'd provide a nice long ball alternative to Randy Moss and help spread the field.  Unfortunately, Joey had a tough time picking up the system and never really connected with Brady.  Two critical mistakes in redzone situations made him a healthy sit for the last 3 games.

 Bruce )  We thought he might be an upgrade over Jabar Gaffney and give the Patriots someone to stretch the field opposite Randy Moss. What we got was someone who couldn't learn the playbook, and wasn't where he was supposed to be on the field at the time he was supposed to be there. A huge disappointment. 

Buc'Em Standard) If you could, what Buc or two Bucs would you like to have from our Roster? For fun since its the trade deadline, who would you be willing to give up for him/them?


David) I've always liked Antonio Bryant.  He doesn't get a lot of touchdowns, but gets good yardage stats and helps to move the ball.  Plus, we could use another look for Brady now that Galloway is gone and rookie WR Julian Edelman has a broken arm.  We're pretty deep on the defensive line, so I could see us handing over a Ron Brace or Myron Pryor.

Bruce ) Aqib Talib. Cornerback is seemingly always a position that the Patriots are looking to improve at. This year is a whole lot better than last (Deltha O'Neal, anyone?), but Talib would like nice back there. A trade would probably consist of a draft pick, but if we're talking a baseball-style player for player deal, maybe someone like Laurence Maroney, who has all the potential in the world, but probably needs a fresh start to get his game fully back on track.