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On This Day VIDEO- 10/21/1990 vs Dallas Cowboys; Aikman to Irvin is born

It should have been the birth of the Bucs. It should have been the coming out party of the Bucs, as Ray Perkins had a veteran Defense and Offense that he put together, and a break away tailback capable of being a game changer. The 1990 Bucs started out 3-1, and then had two games against the 1-15 Dallas Cowboys sandwiched around a winnable game at home VS Green Bay; The end of losing was in sight! 

Take the Jump to find out what happened, and see the video which includes some Postgame Terry Bradshaw and Greg Gumble commentary.

Instead, the Bucs were ultra conservative under Perkins, attempting only a handful of passed in the entire first half, and gave up 121 rushing yards to a tailback out of Florida that was too small to play Pro ball; Emmitt Smith. Bucs lost 10-14. Then they  Beat Green Bay to go 4-2. It wasnt 5-1, but surely the Bucs would get revenge on the Cowboys who only won one game the year before.

Vinny Testeverde went all Vinny Testeverde on the cowboys giving up a pick 6 with 9 minutes to go in the 4th qtr while holding onto a 10-3 lead. Now tied up, the Bucs drove masterfully in Field Goal range and Steve Christie banged it through from 32 yards out to give the Bucs a 3 point lead with 1:56 left in the game, and Dallas had NO timeouts. 

What happened next signified the end the Bucs meager attempt at ending a losing franchise, and the Dallas Cowboys making a statement at turning the corner and putting that 1-15 season behind them. The Two teams passed each other in the night so to speak, as this Aikman to Irvin pass would show way to 3 Superbowl appearances and a label as one of the teams of the 90s.