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Viva La Rookie! A light-hearted look how a 3rd Rookie in a row returns a Kickoff for TD!


32 Years.

37,395 Return yards without one.

141 Kick Returners

1,865 Tries.

And then, in 2007, 2008, and now 2009, Three consecutive rookies are able to return a kickoff for a TD, like its Practice!


Add Sammie Stroughter to the name of "Rookies with names that begin with an S" as in Superman. 

Spurlock, Michael; was the first. Then came...

Dexter Jackson, drafted to be a kick return specialist. Problem was he spent too much of his youth on the slip n slide instead of playing Foosball with Bobby Bouchet. He was removed from his duties, and undrafted Clifton Smith took over and returned his version. Oh he also added a punt return to boot.

Same Clifton Smith is hit by a Mack Truck (why is it a Mack Truck? Won't a Ford Ranger do the job just as well?) and taken out of the game. In comes 7th round selection Sammie Superman 3 Stroughter, with the record (we're having to keep records of these things now). 

Credit Special Teams coach Richard Bisaccia who survived the coaching purge. He designed the attack plans that were crippled with new 2009 rules that prohibit 3 man wedges. 

Imagine someone from the past coming to the future to read this. His story would be straight science fiction. The Bucs with three KO returns! Star Trek 3: The Search for Spurlock.