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One game in, Adams replacement a marked improvement

He's only one number higher in the grand scheme of things. But #91 added much more to the game than #90 has all year. Styles G. White, a name you have to check twice before you finalize any document, started Sunday in place of Gaines Adams who was traded midweek to the Chicago Bears. Several games this year Adams was not even able to appear in the stat line whatsoever. In his first start since the trade, White did not catch the NFL on fire, but he at least brought something to the table. When Adams can go games without a single tackle, White's first one as a starter produced eight tackles, one sack, a quarterback hit, and  two tackles for a loss. Basically half a season's worth of stats for Adams.

Kudos to Aqib Talib:

The effort will probably go lost, as the defensive line gave up a second straight 250+ yard rushing performance to Carolina, including a final drive in which the Panthers passed the ball on only one play, a pass to Steve Smith; Smith's only reception of the game. Blanketed by Talib, Smith was unable, or unneeded to make a game changing play on Sunday. This marks 3 consecutive games that Talib has dominated in the secondary, also blanking young phenom DeSean Jackson to one catch for 4 yards last week, and grabbing 3 interception against the Redskins, despite giving up a touchdown deep. Its the last time Talib has given up a score, as he is starting to provide dividends for his high draft status in his first season as a full time starter. Tanard Jackson with his Pick 6 and Talib are showing Bucs fans a glimpse into the future.