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On This Day VIDEO- 10/18/1981; Bucs dead until mid 3rd, then Explode!

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I have never seen a Bucs game ever quite like this one. This would have gone down as the best comeback ever in Bucs history, except Ted Hendricks had something to say about it.



You really have to check this video out, the Bucs were held without a 1st down until the middle of the 3rd Qtr, to an Oakland team that had been shut out 3 games in a row!!!

Then, Doug Williams went wild, and threw for 300+ yards in just over one quarter!!! Check it out!

He hit Bombs to Kevin House, Jimmy Giles, James Wilder took off too, it was 15-0 at the half, and it could have been worse. The Oakland Raiders TOTALLY dominated the  Bucs. Not one single first down until the 3rd Qtr, then TD Williams to House!

See for yourself...


1981 6 @ Oakland from Bucs Videos on Vimeo.