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There will be two teams on the field today, both searching for answers unsolved by matches against a Washington Redskins team that each week faces a winless team. The Panthers managed to defeat them, while the Bucs managed to defeat themselves. Today, they will battle each other a mere 9 games after they faced off in an epic clash of 9-3 franchises looking to take the #2 seed away from the Giants.  Today there is a little less on the line as they crash harder than Fullback B.J. Askew, whose fender bender had him missing practice this week. One person who did not miss rehearsals in Center Jeff Faine.....

...whose return seems to be critical to shoring up an offensive line that was supposed to be the heart of the Buccaneers. Instead, using a released backup has found players of the other color uniforms rushing up the middle to cause havoc in the backfield.

The Bucs will continue to develop their promising Quarterback Josh. Just not the one they expected to be developing as quickly as he is. Johnson's improvement from 1st to 2nd game has fans excited for a quarterback who has shown remarkable accuracy while on the run, and an ability to scramble and extend the play. Earnest Graham is back healthy, as if Kyle Moore, who will be seen on defense a lot more now, along with others like Jimmy Wilkerson who had 3 quarterback take-downs last week. With the trading of DE Gaines Adams, the Bucs will look to build this new generation of Bucs through the draft and are looking to possibly shop  more players around. Every Buc has been warned..they are accountable.