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Accountability? Morris, Dominik show mettle.

The first few weeks, we heard the questions. "Where is the accountability". Then the losses piled up as did the heat on GM Mark Dominik and Head Coach Raheem Morris. "Morris is too cozy with his players". 

It would seem that the gassers Morris ordered first day of camp was not enough to persuade some that he is to be taken seriously. Friday night, the message got clearer for many. 

Dexter Jackson, can't return kicks or catch? Gone.

Jeff Jagodzinski? Can't give the details required? Gone.

Mike Nugent missing FGs? Gone.

And now, Gaines Adams, the franchise's compensation for the miserable 2006 season, the 4th overall pick in the 2007 draft, traded for a second round pick from the Chicago Bears

Truth be told, most fans feel like it was a steal. Adams was expected, even challenged, to produce a double digit sack season which would've require double his efforts. Obviously the pressure was too much to ask of him; Adams went several games without so much as a single stat to show for his challenge.

Some will harp on the fact that we now wasted that #4 pick. This is not news, Adams status has been sealed for some time now, yesterday's news just became official, thats all. In much the same way Dexter Jackson's release was a sea of doom for some, his wasted pick just needed confirming too in the same way Adams had been.  Instead, the topic of the conversations this weekend should focus on the Bucs management, and their willingness to make the tough decisions and cut players who are clearly not producing and a burden on the franchise, at the risk of the major backlash its sure to create.

Unlike the releasing of former Offensive Coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski, most of these cuts are not exactly an admission of a mistake. All except the OC were the result of poor draft records of the previous administration. Still, the message seems clear to those who are dropping passes, missing tackles, and just poor play overall. Where you were drafted does not matter. How much money you make is of no concern. Dominik and Morris are doing everything BUT use the R word, but in the process are setting up the Bucs with draft picks for next year, when the real rebuilding begins.