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Breaking News - Gaines Adams Traded

Gaines Adams, the 2007 first round draft pick (#4) for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has been traded to the Chicago Bears for a 2010 2nd round selection. 

After a pretty positive second half of his rookie year, Gaines regressed in 2008, registering roughly the same numbers in double the starts.  He would fall even further behind the curve in 2009, registering 1 sack in 5 starts. 

He will be added to a Bears defensive line that has two solid starters, and should be a contributor as a rotational pass rusher.  The questions that will be asked are, did the Bears give up too much, and if Gaines performs in the future, did the Bucs give up too early?  This one will be looked at by Bucs fans for years to come if he somehow turns it around.

More on the story, including how it happened, after the break.

Here's the rundown of the story originally coming into existence.

I'm running on an unconfirmed source right now, but it appears the Bucs have traded DE Gaines Adams to the Chicago Bears for an undisclosed draft pick. 

I'll confirm and add more as I hear it.  Remember, at this point, it's unconfirmed.

Update #1 - Now listed as an ESPN story.  Not too much info right now, but here it is .

I'm not too surprised at this, but it does get one thing out in the open, it's not about where you were drafted, it's about what you've done.  He'll leave the Bucs after just over two years with 13.5 sacks.  I find it hard to believe that we've given up on a first rounder after 29 starts.  Here's hoping the return we got is stellar.  Seems still fairly early to give up on Gaines, or any 2007 first rounder.  Without knowing what the return is, it's hard to estimate what type of deal it is, but this is another high pick that has been removed from the team.  Dexter Jackson, a second rounder and Gaines Adams, a first rounder, have both been jettisoned.

I'm guessing it's a first day pick with escalators, otherwise, I'm not sure why you give him up right now.  Getting back a late day pick after the bonus check has been written seems fairly foolish to me.

Update #2 - I'm hearing we traded Gaines for a second round pick.  This makes sense as it's more than we probably would have expected.  So while we lose a first rounder, we gain a pick that should be a player who helps our team immediately.  I still don't agree with the short time he was given to get his game up to speed, but the time for pondering his future is gone.

I had assumed we received a 4th rounder with escalators to a 3rd based on playing time and was pretty indifferent about that, but getting a second rounder for Gaines Adams seems like a win.  If nothing else, it removes a distraction, some expectation and gives the Bucs another chip to build on in a deep draft next year.  I feel pretty good about the deal with the return being what it is, but I wonder, is he the last to go this year?

I wish Gaines Adams well in Chicago.  Maybe a fresh start is what he needs.

On another note, here are the first and second rounders since 2002

Dewayne White - gone

Michael Clayton  - Ugh

Cadillac Williams - stay healthy and we're set

Barrett Ruud - very solid

Davin Joseph - beast, most of the time

Jeremy Trueblood - a false start waiting to happen

Gaines Adams - gone

Arron Sears - get well soon young man

Sabby Piscitelli - has tools, doesnt know how to use them

Aqib Talib - developing CB

Dexter Jackson - gone.

Not a good track record.  I'm sure at some point next week, we'll do a look back at the draft.

Gaines is gone with an unexpected return.  If Gaines performs well, the Bears will look like they did the right thing.  What makes the trade even more surprising, is the Bears already traded away a good amount of picks for Jay Cutler.  Seems they are taking the "build through the draft" talk as rubbish.  I'll be keeping an eye on Adams the rest of the year and next year to see what we let go.  If he stays on course as he was playing this year, Dominik will look like a genius.  If Adams turns into the next Reggie White, this will be another mis-step for the Bucs.

What do you think?  Did the Bucs get enough back?  Did they trade him too early?