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Enemy Flashback- Bucs (9-3) at Panthers (9-3) on MNF

Think about it. You were waiting all day for this game, for a chance to prove we were an elite team. For a chance at the number 2 seed. We had no clue that in the middle of October, the Bucs would STILL have yet to win a game! It's just crazy when you think about it. Im sure Panther fans don't feel much better ( Oh I invited some over BTW, do greet them as they come in!!) after how far Carolina has fallen in the same time.

Funny thing is, when I watch this game, I see so many of the current problems on defense. Makes you really wonder!

Well, tomorrow we get our chance for revenge. A chance to finally get a win. No it wont be for a playoff spot...but I'll take it!