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Fans get to vote for Hall of Fame? How about DOUG WILLIAMS!

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No, fans cannot actually vote anyone in for the  Hall of fame. Head writers for every NFL city media outlets, two for NYC (as they have two teams), a member of the Pro Football writers delegation and 11 at large delegates,  get to submit a name each year, ours is Tampa Tribune's Ira Kaufman. 

What you can do however, is participate in a fan voting event being put on by JCPenny/VanHeusen jeans, and the winner WILL GET ANNOUNCED right before the real HOF winners, as a "Fan Voted" HOF winner.

To me, that's as good as you can get to showing local support for voting one of our own into the Hall.

Now some of you may say.."would he go as a Redskin or a Buc?"...and the answer is both or neither. The NFL Hall of Fame does not work like the Baseball HOF. There are no uniforms or insignias...just a bust of the winner. 

So I am pledging my support for DOUG WILLIAMS! You can go to the site now and start the easy process.


You dont have to look far to find one person more related to the turning of this franchise than Doug Williams. The Bucs owned the #1 pick in 1978 thanks to their 2-14 record in '77. At the time, Earl Campbell was all the rage. But the Bucs already had Ricky Bell. They had NO QB, no tight end, and some serviceable receivers. The Bucs traded their top pick to the Houston Oilers who gave us their #17 pick, and a tight end named Jimmy Giles. There were other picks too, but none of them turned into anything. Giles wasnt really known as anything special at the time, he built his reputation here with Williams. The two of them became the franchise here, and Earl Campbell really only had a few good years before he was worn out from overuse.

Williams had the pleasure of having one of his very first passes returned for a Pick 6 vs the Giants on a Saturday night  home game, but in the preseason, his first pass launched about 70 yards and resulted in a round of applause. Bucs fans had never seen an arm before! His rookie year the Bucs were competative, going 4-4 with a win over the Bears at home, and Williams going over the 300 yard mark for the first time. In the 8th week, Doug was back to throw and had his  jaw broken by a late hit from Fred Dryer of the LA Rams. He would miss every game of the regular season except the last one! 4-4 fell to 5-11, but better things were to happen in 1979. The Bucs went from worst to first, and Williams big play threat was responsible. Each year his completion percentage was improved, as he learned more and more touch on the ball. 

By the end of 1982 however, the Bucs and  Doug Williams could not come to an agreement for a new contract. Williams lost his wife of only a short time, during his days here received disgraceful treatment by some, including the mailing of racial slurs accusing the team of not being able to win because of him. History shows us the opposite in fact. When Williams left in 1983, the Bucs endured 14 consecutive losing seasons. 

After a brief sting with the USFL, Williams returned to former Bucs offensive coordinator, and current head coach of the Washingon Redskins. In 1987, the strike year, the  Skins had problems with Jay Schroeder, knocked out the first game. Williams stepped in and eventually led the Redskins to the Superbowl, where he was named the most Valuable Player. In doing so, Williams became the first African American to:

Start as a regular Quarterback for an NFL team

Quarterback in, and win a Superbowl

be named MVP of a superbowl.

....he was not however, according to myth busters, actually asked "how long have you been a black quarterback" Thats something Id like to ask him one day!! 

Enjoy the Doug Williams tribute movie I made today, and get on over to and vote for DOUG WILLIAMS for the HALL OF FAME!