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On This Day-October 15th, 2006: 2 Touchdowns ago for Michael Clayton.

Funny thing about the ending to this one, there was a little foreshadowing for the game that followed. Because Bengal kicker Shane Graham lined up for a 60+ yard FG attempt that wasnt even close. The next week, Matt Bryant WOULD hit a 62 yarder.

This game instead was known for the dramatic drive by Bucs Quarterback Bruce Gradkowski, who threw two touchdowns on the day, the last to Michael Clayton. When you watch this clip, you start to feel for Clayton and remember he had some good times here. They it hits you, he has only scored one touchdown since this game; The Raiders game 16 last year.

So watch it for what its worth...a good comeback..and a dramatic TD by the Bucs at the end on 4th down to as much suspense as anyone could handle!