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PEWTER PREVIEW VIDEO- Carolina Panthers edition

Remember Gaines Adams masterful quarter against the Redskins? Think about that when your watching Brian Billick show you how Carolina pressured Redskin's QB Campbell. This leads me to believe the Panthers D line is as inept as ours. That could be good news for 2nd year Quarterback Josh Johnson who seems to be improving in just two games so far. It's hard to read though, as neither Quarterback in the Redskins/Panthers game passed for over 185 yards. Nor did a back gain more than 60 yards, with Clinton Portis as the  leader (57). Both teams combined for 446 total yards, heck the Bucs have given up more than that in one game this year!

Crazy as it sounds, the Bucs actually out-rushed the Eagles 85 to 76 yards, and managed 303 yards of total offense while surrendering only 325 this time around. Eagles fantasy favorite DeSean Jackson was held to under 5 yards, blanketed by Aqib Talib. Also, Michael Vick and the Wildcat achieved nothing. One could say if not for the big plays, the defense is starting show signs of shoring up. Our own  UNFNole broke down an Eagle play yesterday, and now today, Courtesy of NFL Network, we bring you highlights of the Carolina Panthers and a section from "Playbook" that shows some in depth look into the team from Charlotte.