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A little chat with Cat Scratch Reader- Buc'em style!

  We're gonna blow up this interview Buc'Em style! We talked to the guys over at Cat Scratch Reader and asked them some questions about their team. Curious to see what they wanted to know about us? Well you should head over to the Cat Scratch Reader and check it out!

BUCWILDDeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart aren't the dynamic duo they were last year.  What has changed and will they get it back on track?

It’s our unprofessional opinion that the offensive line is not performing to the lofty standards that were heaped upon it last season. The left side and the middle of the line is getting beat in pass protection and the right side isn’t opening the holes for the running game. We are not to the point of wanting to bench anybody yet but if something doesn’t improve soon who knows?



UNFNOLE: Statistically speaking, the only quarterback worse than Jake Delhomme is JaMarcus Russell (out of players with 30 plus passes he is 36th out of 37 players. Is Matt Moore (the backup) that bad or does the coaching staff believe Jake Delhomme doesn't deserve the majority of the blame? 

(Our Convo is continued after the jump...)


Delhomme is only ranked 36th because the number doesn’t include 4th quarter comebacks and leadership ability. His intangibles were on full display on the naked bootleg he ran to seal the victory over the Redskins. It has nothing to do with Matt Moore. We ignore the stats when it comes to Delhomme and simply look at Wins and Losses.



BUCWILD: Outside of Jon Beason, what defensive players should we be on the look out for?


That’s an easy question. In Ron Meeks Cover 2 defense the WLB is the play maker and Thomas Davis (#58) hasn’t disappointed. The guy is easily leading the team in tackles and is our most effective blitzer. In the matter of importance to the defense it was nice to get SS Chris Harris back after he missed the first three games with injury. He shut down Chris Cooley so he will be important in containing Winslow. We also seem to have found a replacement for DT Maake Kemoeatu in recently signed Hollis Thomas. He’s the wide body we’ve needed up front since game one.


UNFNOLE: Who would you guys consider the most underrated player on your team that Bucs fans (and NFL fans alike) should know about?


Probably the aforementioned Thomas Davis but we have another to mention. TE Dante Rosario has absolute mad receiving skills. If he could improve his blocking he would be a Pro Bowl TE but as it stands he is mainly a red zone receiving target. He leads the team in TD receptions with two (low I know), has great hands and is good at running the seem routes down the middle of the field. I recently heard a national pundit say the Panthers still lack a TE that can stretch the middle of the field. Sorry but he’s on the roster and his name is Dante Rosario.


NIKO: If you could, who on the Bucs would you take for your team?


I’m not sure how many other fans would agree with me but from the offense I would grab WR Antonio Bryant and on defense it would be DT Chris Hovan. Both are excellent players that would fill positions of need for the Panthers.